Identification of a classic 16ft dinghy

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Identification of a classic 16ft dinghy

Post by JayOh »

I wonder if anybody can identify this old beauty. She was found in the Westcountry and moved to Norfolk. Unfortunately the gentleman who found her became seriously ill and passed away without being to complete his planned restoration. He left no clue as to what she is, if he ever knew of course.

She is 16ft by 5ft 7" and has a very distinctive centreplate case, which resembles the case on an Uffa Fox 18. However, the wide 7" timber spacing tends to rule out an Uffa boat.
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Re: Identification of a classic 16ft dinghy

Post by Keith66 »

She is clinker built, wide spacing of ribs is perfectly normal & typical of Uffa fox designs, the close spaced ribs were used on carvel & multi skinned boats. I wonder if she is a North Norfolk 16? Discussion on the fb page at moment. I had not realised it was a development class so different designs within a rule, May explain my old carvel boat.
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