Deck Finish - decisions, decisions!!

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Re: Deck Finish - decisions, decisions!!

Post by Garry R » Mon Feb 25, 2008 9:46 am

I was under the impression that Nitromors is an organic chemical stripper with dichloromethane as the active ingredient. I don't think there is any alkali involvement. The jelly like nature is an additive which effectively slows down the evaporation rate so allows it to be effective longer. I found that layering some clingfilm over the top helped too but it did eat away the film as well!! Nasty stuff. I also think that Ed is right as regards losing its effectiveness as the dichloromethane is volatile so disappears - mostly into our lungs no doubt - hence the ventilation advice. I give a good wash down with white spirit before sanding then a white spirit clean up before varnishing. Vivette's decks have now been G4 covered 3 coats before heading to the cinema to see Bucket List. A great watch I must say and have personally added flying a spinnaker to my own personal things to do before I pop the clogs list. See it if you can. Puts the world in perspective.

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Re: Deck Finish - decisions, decisions!!

Post by chris » Mon Feb 25, 2008 10:00 am

Oxalic acid can be ordered directly from Fiddes ltd in Cardiff by post. They are on the web.
I usually scrub it in with a a nylon nail brush and then really wash it out with plenty of water and detergent - still scrubbing. Same with stripper.

Water will also help to swell out dents. Water + heat from an iron even better. the steam will force the wood fibres up again.

Other wood bleaches are available but these will lighten the colour of the timber itself - probably not what you want but will actually bleach out old wood dye or stain effectively.

If there are still some little chunks missing it still would not recommend a filler but try this: after two or three coats of varnish and before cutting it back mix up a little epoxy and drip it it to dents. Then wet 'n dry back to level and carry on varnishing. The trick it to get the surface very good and the transparent quality will mean that the colour match will be better than a coloured filler which won't change colour with time. Using the epoxy after a few coats of varnish means it doesn't seal the wood first which would show latter as a patch and next time you need to varnish strip it will come out too.

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Re: Deck Finish - decisions, decisions!!

Post by Ed » Mon Feb 25, 2008 11:04 am

Chris's suggestion using epoxy to fill gouges and bumps really does work very well. I have done this to great effect more than once on some quite big scratches, bumps. If you are using a hard two-pack varnish, you can also use that although it takes quite a bit longer to fill and sand down.



would be a good one for the 'tips & tricks' section chris!
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