From Roger

and what is happening with the CVRDA today?
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From Roger

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It is with great regret that due to the fact that the organisation I care a great deal about has come under sustained and underhand attack from members of the sailing and Yachting fraternity and supposedly respected members of the sailing establishment that I have decided to stand down as commodore of the CVRDA.
The committee and founders of this friendly organisation have been trying to negotiate with said people. who prefer to use pawns to do their dirty work for them and keep shamefully in the background, but to no avail.
The last few months have put unessesary stress and pressure on my family and myself.
Therefore I am resigning my position as of today. I hope this satisfies those that have been pushing for it and I am truly sorry to Ed, the committee, and the rest of the membership if I have let you down in any way.
I have not made this decision lightly but I have to put my family first.
Please be assured I will continue to support the CVRDA and what is currently stands for.
I wish you all well and hope to see you on the water soon.

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Re: From Roger

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Clearly a vote of thanks is due for Roger for his time and commitment to the CVRDA organisation and administration.

I am sorry that Roger has felt the need to resign rather than standing down although I respect his reasons for doing so.

Roger I think has been a safe pair of hands for the organisation, putting commitment into the difficult job of moderating discussion, as well as a hands on commodore, with regular presence at the various events and commitment and support to those coming to the events as newcomers.

I always feel uneasy at meetings where a replacement for a significant committee member is asked for, being as I am (Like all of us of course) heavily committed in work and family life. It will be hard to find a similarly committed commodore and one that this organisation must pay immediate attention too.

We have had a year of heated debate about the CVRDA that clearly shows a need for a good sense of balance on the tiller, but since life imitates sport (or is it the other way) the occasionally squally back draughts of forum debate should ultimately improve the quality of the contest.

I have agreed with most, and disagreed (sometimes strongly) with others but I believe the strength of debate on the forum is a sign of health rather than weakness in the membership. I would not want to agree with Roger's rather bleak assessment of what is sometimes said on the forum, and indeed one of the major strengths that it possesses is the dynamic and busy nature of its discussions. There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is notbeing talked about. (Oscar Wilde I think) was quite correct.

If you change your mind Roger, you have my vote of confidence.
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Re: From Roger

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What worries me about this is that clearly things have been said via pm which the rest of the membership are not privy to. We can only guess at the content.

I have only been physically involved with the cvrda at the Hunts event, which I enjoyed hugely, as did all the participants, but also quite importantly, the members of the host club who saw it is an ideal opportunity to do some racing in boats that are often otherwise sneered at. The visiting sailors were particularly welcome because although there to race, they were clearly not 'win at all costs' competitors which gave the event its relaxed atmospehere. These factors play a major part in determining whether the club hosts another cvrda event which would need to take space in an already crowded sailing calendar.

Online, the source of friendly, non patronising advice is invaluable, as is the extended sympathy when things go wrong.

Luckily for me, if the cvrda does turn into something that takes itself far too seriously, which is the threat I perceive, I can race Agamemnon on the classic 14 circuit which is open and friendly, much like the cvrda is now, although I had hoped to be able to do both. Unfortunately this opportunity isn't available to all, and many will simply stay unseen in the woodwork shed because they will fear putting their sometimes unsightly and usually uncompetitive craft on the water under the uncompromising scrutiny of those who like to race 'properly'

I hope Roger will change his mind.
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