What does everyone else do with their sails?

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Re: What does everyone else do with their sails?

Post by Merlin3241 » Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:08 am

It gets worse. The six year old's now complaining she can't get on her trampoline because I'm always drying spinnakers on it. It's perfect for this, vented mesh floor and a two meter high netting safety barrier around the perimeter to stop the kites blowing off onto the lawn. The fact it might serve some secondary purpose as a childs plaything just makes it all the better!

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Re: What does everyone else do with their sails?

Post by Nessa » Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:19 pm

There is quite a lot of a moth in our loft, where her indoors has built me special shelves for the sails that I use most often. Also in there are the foils and stabilisers for the moth. I am thinking about trying to get the wings in, but that might be a challenge even for her. I do not go in the loft. It needs a ladder.

While I was away learning to teach powerboating she built me more sail racks in the boat shed, which she also built herself a few years ago and has recently extended for me.

Very few sails live in their boats - the l*ser because obviously I don't care about it, and some of the kestrel sails because I seem to have so many.

I have recently sold some m14/marauder sails - at last - as well as two marauder masts and a boom, plus whatever else he wants to take. I feel very mean because I will not sell the marauder kite.

I feel I should take photos of her handiwork. it is very impressive. :D
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