2018 AGM

and what is happening with the CVRDA today?
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2018 AGM

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Here are the minutes from the last AGM which will need to be accepted at this years.
Please addd any comments

The Minutes of the Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association 19th Annual General Meeting 2017.
Hon. Life President Ed.I.Bremner.
Held at Clywedog Sailing Club, Saturday 27th August, 10:20 hrs while awaiting wind.
1. Apologies from Philip Wilson.
2. Minutes of 2016 A.G.M. approved as correct by all present.
3. Election of Officers.
All the current officers were prepared to carry on. Chris (Barlow) said he'd done virtually nothing, and had not put forward any new ideas as Commodore.  'Well done.' said Ed. Chris added that he was actually giving notice that he would be stepping down. This would be his last year as Commodore. 
The officers were approved by all present.
4. Commodore's Report.
Chris stated again that he hadn't done anything. He thanked Pat ( Jones) for all her work on the website and for doing the results at the end of an often knackering day racing. Pat was given a round of applause. He thanked Peter (Vinton) for organizing the fixtures, Lois (Barlow) for dealing with the accounts and the membership and Pat (Kuenzler) for writing the minutes.
Chris said the Cardiff World of Boats Auction had been of interest. Some boats were going to China. In fact  to The Museum of Boats in Shanghai.Unfortunately there had been contentious, unacceptable comments made on the forum. These had to be taken down and declared as definitely not the views of C.V.R.D.A. Chris said 'Be aware that the forum is  public and views should be expressed in acceptable ways.Ed stated that the majority of interesting old dinghies are in fact in good hands in the U.K. and a number of membership enquiries had ensued from the Forum. He added the granddaughter of Morgan-Giles referred to Teighmouth Museum's own collection, some of which will sail.
Ian (Marshall) said Linden had rescued 2 Moths from the auction and they would probably sail with C.V.R.D.A. Alan ('Moth Menace' Watson) said some boats could be done up and owned by C.V.R.D.A. for members to sail. Chris said the Cardiff World of Boats has a big workshop and boats are being restored there.
5.Treasurer's Report.
Lois said we were running at a little bit of a loss. The main expense was the website. Affiliation with the R.Y.A. was something people want to keep in place. We had £300 from membership. Half of this came from the website.Ed highlighted that the hosting site was costly- not cheap through Niel. Should we continue with them even though it's a Rolls Royce service? He said he was floating the idea rather than suggesting it. Chris said Pat and Ed should explore this.
The accounts were accepted by all present.
6.Fixtures Report.
Peter (Vinton) said Hykeham had been very good and he encouraged more people to go there and to Wroxham. He said times were changing and we needed to be prepared to help clubs hosting events. All present agreed.
Kieth (Rollinson) said one needed an enthusiastic local to drive an event. He'd managed to wrest the Nationals from Roadford. Chris  commented 'And you've regretted it ever since!’ This was met with laughter.
Ed  stated that Aldeburgh was interested in putting on the Nationals but it was a big club and might find us a bit wierd.
Chris replied 'We must try harder!'
Peter  brought up that no new venue had been found. Paul (Hignett) said Loch Lomond would welcome C.V.R.D.A.Ian (Marshall) declared 'Those that travel are here now so let's see who would be prepared to travel up to Scotland.' Many hands went up.
Chris said the 2018 Nationals needed discussion.It is two years to C.V.R.D.A.'s 20th. He asked Keith if their 21st could be at Clywedog. Keith replied 'Yes, if I am still around.'
7. Membership.
Lois said she had nothing really to report. Re Membership Donations- could there be a button to donate to the website like Paypal for example?
8. Website.
Pat (Jones) said there'd been many hacking attempts, none successful. The website was slowly being updated and was ticking along nicely. Facebook and the Forum were going along nicely too. Ed  commented that he gets cross e-mails if a reply hasn't been received within 12 hours! He urged 'Do get people to fill out the profile to get 'in' more quickly.' The forum membership is 1,500 at present.
Dean (Martin) brought up eligibility. A Day Boat owner he knew he been told his boat wasn't eligible and the owner thought C.V.R.D.A. seemed a bit 'stuck up'. Dean's reply was C.V.R.D.A. was nothing like that.
Chris stated 'We must have a criteria.The Day Boat wasn't eligible and there is a good Day Boat class. If an association has withered and died we'd be more flexible. Also clubs putting on events could be flexible.
The next A.G.M. will be held in app a year's time.
Now there's wind let's go sailing!'
The meeting ended at 10:45hrs. This meeting of just 25 minutes is a record breaker.
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Re: 2018 AGM

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Any changes at the AGM?
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