GP 2629 "Lapwing"

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GP14 2629
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GP 2629 "Lapwing"

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Does anyone know any history about our new/old boat? She was mentioned as competing in CVRDA events around 10 years ago.

She is currently crimson, possibly over a previous dark blue. At some point she has gained a modern racing rig with controls to the thwart, through deck jib sheets, centre main, modern rudder, but not the modified mast step.

There's some rotten stringers and sections seem to have been replaced previously, a few sqishy patches in the bottom ply, the varnish has fallen off the transom and also off the side deck in a few places. I am trying to fix these. Otherwise she seems in great nick for her age. She will be pottering on Ullswater and hopefully teaching our kids to sail.

Interested if anyone has come across her before, how old is she (late 1950s?), when did she get the new rig?
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Re: GP 2629 "Lapwing"

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Yes, I remember the GP - the boat was at Budworth Sailing Club in Cheshire then and was dark blue.
Hugh Devereux will know more as it belonged to his clubmate.
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