Proctor C mast repair

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Proctor C mast repair

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My Proctor C snapped in the recent storms. It has gone just above the gooseneck, 110cm from the foot. I have a spare lower section which goes up to the spinny pole eye, 140 cm from the foot. I intend sleeving it internally with a length from the shorter lower section, centered on the pole eye. Any recommendations about how long the sleeve should be, please?
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Re: Proctor C mast repair

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The Otter had a variant with a split (pretty sure Proctor C or sim) mast - that only has a fairly small sail area and the joint was just below the hounds. I remember it being around 16" long. Not sure if this helps but might be a starting point
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Re: Proctor C mast repair

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I would think that the length of the internal sleeve needs enough to spread the point loading of the mast over about 18 inches either side of the join. Think of boats that come with a 2 piece mast such as a L***r :twisted: I doubt the stresses on an Otter rig will much exceed the stresses seen on top end L***r sailors. From recollection the full rig (and even the 3-part mast of the Rooster 5 Sq metre version) has no more than 2 feet overlap between the sections.

OK there's a small angulation at the joins under stress but if your sleeve is tight and rivetted this should not present a problem.

What I would avoid is overlapping the sleeve onto the Gooseneck area as this is the single most stressed part of the mast (with all of the Kicking strap forces are transferred to the mast and sail. With that in mind I would use your 140cm segment.

I suppose the other side of the coin is that most of the stress on the mast at this point is in compression and te join is close to a well supported area around the mast gate. Why not use your shorter 110cm section and if that doesnt work well at least you still have a spare 140cm section to repeat the process having learnt from the 1st attempt!

I am sure if your rang Selden (now makers of Proctor) they would be happy to advise.

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