Finn available.

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Finn available.

Post by jpa_wfsc » Sat Oct 26, 2019 7:09 pm

Im am moving from the Finn to a Solo, as there are several other solos sailing at my club.

So, my Finn is available. It is working, but needs work:

The cockpit to floor joint at the self bailers leaks - the tank gains about 1Pt water per hour sailing.
The deck to hull joint needs re-gluing in two places.
Its not very smart... someone might want to tidy up and repaint.

I'm open to offers - I basically someone without much money, but with time, could make a good boat out of him. Sister ship to Nessa's (next door sail numbers), and is a GRP Taylor double floor. Despite all the above, on the classic Handicap, regularly in top ten club racing.

National 12 "Spider" 2523
Finn K468 'Captain Scarlet'

British Moth, 630, early 60's 'Pisces'

!!!! Not CVRDA !!!!
Comet Trio - something always ready to sail.

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