Duckling Dinghy Floor Panels

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Duckling Dinghy Floor Panels

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I am in the final stages of restoring a Fairey Duckling dinghy and have obtained a set of floor boards as shown in the original Uffa Fox drawings that I have repaired and am stripping for refinishing. I have a set of these drawings BUT I seem to have lost the one drawing showing the floorboard fixing details. The floorboards seem to be held in place sitting against the inside keelson by means of a fitting attached to the inside of the hull that protrudes thro' a slot in the wide outboard element of the floorboard.
Can anyone clarify this attachment system for me OR take a photo of the relevant part the drawing showing this arrangement OR take a photo of the detail in question on an actual Duckling please?
Any help would be most appreciated.

Many thanks,
Wilf Bishop
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Re: Duckling Dinghy Floor Panels

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Conventionally it would have been just a toggle that fitted through the hole and was then rotated 90 degrees.
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