Varnish over Deks Olje #1

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Varnish over Deks Olje #1

Post by wilfbishop1 »

How do folks feel about application of conventional yacht varnish over Deks Olje D1? I like the idea if Deks Olje D1 saturating the wood but in my experience Deks Olje D2 as a finish coat seems to be relatively “soft” and damage-prone. OK on wooden spars where wear and impact damage are less likely but not so good on high wear and impact zones. Do people have practical experience of this combination? It seems instinctively better to varnish onto a stable saturated wood surface than bare wood?

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Re: Varnish over Deks Olje #1

Post by PeterV »

Wilf, I've been using conventional varnish on Django's mast and it's been fine, I think you said you'd used Deks Olje on it before.
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Re: Varnish over Deks Olje #1

Post by Michael4 »

I gave up with D2, the finish was super but as you say, a bit soft and when wet it is very slippery. Not much good for dinghies but great for brightwork on bigger boats.

D1 seems like an excellent idea and if allowed to go off properly varnish will be fine. The only thing I don't know is how much difference it actually makes. On old mahogany that has gone or is going black (starting to rot) it soaks in impressively, on wood that is in good shape less so.

I had occasion to saw something up that I had previously done the D1 job on. It didn't seem to have soaked in very far. Maybe I was expecting too much.

Anyway, using D1 is pleasant and surely it can't do any harm. Presumably there are other similar products or even linseed oil that might be cheaper?

I always use 'normal' varnish.
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Re: Varnish over Deks Olje #1

Post by chris »

i once used D1 and D2 on an edwardian punt. I agree that D2 is soft etc as it soon showed problems. i sure another proper varnish will work ove D1 as long as sufficient time is left between the two.
l have used linseed and (real) turpentine, half and half, since then followed by varnish and can say that worked very well.
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