First Project - International Moth

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First Project - International Moth

Post by cvangrutten »

Currently working on my International Moth, late 70s build and believed to be a Womble design.

Quarantine has given me the time to restart work on this - so far so good.

Since buying her around 4 years ago, I've only been out once resulting in sitting on the waterline waiting for her to drain.

As a result I'm working on a restoration at the moment - complete sand down, (where necessary) removing and replacing the tape and resin holding the joints together, finding and plugging leaks and eventual repaint and replacing fittings. Not to mention the need for a new sail due to squirrel interference!

On this subject, the sail was Anderson Aerosails made - does anyone know if they're still going/if there is someone else who would be an alternative manufacturer? I'm sure any sailmaker would have no issue with producing the sail, but keen to see what's out there that might be of the same era.

I've been a bit confused by the series of holes (definitely deliberate, I can only assume by design) along both wings in the cockpit. They seem to be linked to one on the hull side just below the waterline. Was this an early form of self bailing? Or maybe some way of providing weight and stability to the wings through water?

Any input from anyone that happens to know much about Wombles or International Moths of this era would be greatly appreciated.

Pictures to follow

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Re: First Project - International Moth

Post by bornagainmothie »

Welcome to the classic Moth fleet! I'm pleased to know there is a Womble surviving in captivity and receiving the attention such a rare beast deserves. Could this be the Womble that was last heard of in Cornwall? If you let me know the sail number, or preferably the number carved into the hull near the transom if they are not the same, I may be able to identify and provide some history.

Thanks to the CVRDA we have been able to discover and save many classic Moths and through our connections here we have sparked a Lowrider revival all over the world. Most of the info and photos are on Facebook "International Moth Lowriders" Posts in the last few days have included some detailed photos of Womble builds in the 70s and the original design plans are availabe in the Files section. Please come and join us.

To answer your question about sails, Anderson Aerosails were a popular choice in the day but sadly unheard of since late 70s. There are a few surviving examples, like Ian Marshall uses on his Shelley mk1, but if beyond repair the only option is to have a new sail made to a period spec. Suggitt Sails in the Midlands have made us a few in Dacron material at a very reasonable price. Other larger sailmakers such as Banks, HD and P&B are willing to make classic spec sails too.

If your boat has solid wings (rather than tubes and trampolines) then the holes are designed to prevent the boat inverting during a capsize. There might also be a tube to drain the cockpit out through the transom. Obviously if you were suffering leaks and carrying water in the tanks, the designed drainage would be unlikely to work correctly!

Normally we would love to come and help you, or encourage you to come to a cvrda meeting. In the current lockdown, the best we can do is share photos and info etc but we can certainly help you use your quarantine time wisely and look forward to seeing another classic Moth back in action.


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