Free Osprey for resto - come get

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Free Osprey for resto - come get

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Well what a roller coaster it's been - some forum members may recall the tribulations briefly recorded of my efforts restoring a pair of Ospreys.


The first one we acquired (Flypast) wasn't close to being ready for the water so a second Osprey was purchased which required the re-manufacture of a complete new centreboard case. Unfortunately my Wife's collapse and the hellish ensuing fight with the state, the NHS, Childrens' "Services" Mental Health 'Trust' and the witless venal aparatchiks who buffer said entities from all enquiry has pretty much reduced me to ... well I need go no further. Suffice it to say that I will never have the time to give Flypast the treatment she needs.

I've played my small part in saving her, another year (stored bow down) in that dinghy park would have been the end of her but I rescued her, brought her back and got her under indoor storage, took off the hull paint and got her thoroughly dried out.

She needs a re-decking and I had to cut out a few square inches of softened timber the were present in the fore and aft bulhead frames where they touch the floor.
Sails and rig are present, the foils have seen better days and were/are covered in 'shark bites' but would be OK for templates. C/board case knees are also need replacing (already made ply templates for these) and she's sat on her launch dolly but i can loan a road trailer in fully roadworthy condition to aid her transport if it'll help.

Speed is of the essence really as having this week lost a storage space due to the collateral damage from the dreaded Flu Manchu I need to get our old Enterprise under dry storage in the barn where Flypast now sits awaiting salvation or the Sawz-All of Doom!

Have to emphasise - gotta move this quickly :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: or it's.... :cry: :cry: :cry:
...well if it was easy everybody would have one.
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