Varnishing Dinghy Interior

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Varnishing Dinghy Interior

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I am finally at the varnishing stage for my restored 19550's Fairey Duckling sailing dinghy which is one of the relatively rare ones with a centreboard rather than a daggerboard. I have used the Deks Olje (DO) oil-based treatment on larger wooden boats over a number of years and find the durability and simple restoration of the finish to be very good where DO never "lifts" from a surface. However I found from experience that the DO treatment does not work well when it is used on surfaces that are immersed or exposed to water such as hull exteriors & transom.

So I intend to treat the Duckling transom with conventional yacht varnish and DO treat the hull interior. Does anyone have relevant experience of using DO on dinghy interiors please?

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Re: Varnishing Dinghy Interior

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Yes. I have used it but only once on the inside of a dinghy.

DO2 is surprisingly slippery when wet. It also wears quite easily on thwarts etc, seems softer than 'normal' varnish.

Having said that it is easy to retouch the inevitable bashes and scrapes.

To be honest I wouldn't use it again inside a dinghy.

Other will have differing opinions, indeed when it comes to varnish everyone has an opinion!
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