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Seeing Inside278 viewsFeb 10, 2018
Seeing Inside271 viewsFeb 10, 2018
Seeing Inside272 viewsFeb 10, 2018
Seeing Inside268 viewsFeb 10, 2018
Cyanoacrylate258 viewsFeb 10, 2018
Cyanoacrylate242 viewsFeb 10, 2018
Cyanoacrylate229 viewsFeb 10, 2018
Cyanoacrylate241 viewsFeb 10, 2018
Cyanoacrylate197 viewsFeb 10, 2018
233 viewsCockpit sole painted with 3 coats Blakes non slip deck paint, and ready to start thinking about bolting and screwing things down. This where we’re at as of the beginning of December 2013, only 5 years into the project!Dec 27, 2013
248 viewsReady for the cockpit sole to be painted. The large square hatches lead to sealed watertight compartments either side of the centreplate case. There are six watertight compartments in all, each separate from one another. The sole is approximately 3” above the w/line when loaded up. Most water will drain via holes in the transom, but a set of Andersen bailers are sited in wells either side for when it gets a bit wet. The box section into which the mast foot slots in can be seen under the foredeck. I put in a mast ram to adjust the rake of the mast slightly. It operates through a hole in the box.Dec 27, 2013
218 viewsClamping up the port side cockpit coaming. Yes I know – not enough of themDec 27, 2013
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