We also adjust the handicap to reflect the ‘state of tune’, or originality of a boat.

Boats using Aluminium masts will stay on handicap. Wooden masts will see 3 points being added to handicap, carbon masts and similar will see 4 points being deducted from handicap.

A boat using Dacron sails which are similar to the original design would stay on handicap. If using cotton sails similar to the original design, 6 points are added to the boat’s handicap. If using sails make from Mylar of other film material, 4 points will be deducted from the handicap. If the sail design or area differs substantially from the original, event organizers can adjust handicaps to suit.

For wing definitions see menu

Current CVRDA Handicap Ratings
12sq.m Sharpie (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron81
420 (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron96
470 (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron86
505 (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron81
Albacore (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron95
Albacore (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron93
Beachcomber (United Kingdom)Lost ClassAlloyDacron110
Beaufort (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron91
Bonito (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron104
Bosun (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron101
British Moth (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron110
British Moth (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron107new style rig
Cadet (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron129
Challenge (United Kingdom)Lost ClassAlloyDacron85with spinnaker
Challenge (United Kingdom)Lost ClassAlloyDacron87without spinnaker
Cherub (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron97
Dolphin (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron103
Enterprise (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron98
Enterprise (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron97
Europe (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron100
Finn (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron94
Finn (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron92
Fireball (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron88
Fireball (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron85
Firefly (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron100
Firefly (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron99single handed
Fleetwind (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron105
Flying Dutchman (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron79
Flying Dutchman (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron77
Flying Fifteen (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron89
Flying Fifteen (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron87
Flying Junior (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron98
Fusion (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron127
GP14 (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron103small jib
GP14 (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron100genoa
GP14 (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron99genoa
GP14 (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron102small jib
Graduate (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron103
Graduate (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron101single handed
Graduate (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron102
Gull (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron116
Harrier (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron100
Heron (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron120
HIT 14 (United Kingdom)Lost ClassAlloyDacron95Original size and shape sail
HIT 14 (United Kingdom)Lost ClassAlloyDacron94New shape and size sail
Hornet (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron88
Hornet (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron86
International 14 (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron88
International 14 (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron85
International 14 (United Kingdom)VintageAlloyDacron91
International Canoe (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron80
International Canoe (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron79
International Lightning (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron96
International Moth (United Kingdom)InvitedAlloyDacron85Any International Moth Lowrider design first built 2010 onwards
International Moth (United Kingdom)InvitedAlloyDacron89Magnum 9, 9.5, Axeman 2 to 5, Pearce 6, Blitz 3, Aussie Axeman, Ghoul3 and other 1989-95 designs
International Moth (United Kingdom)InvitedAlloyDacron87Magnum 9.9, Hungry Tiger, Axeman 6, 7, Skippy 1,2,3 and other 1995 onward designs
International Moth (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron93Magnum 5 and 6 and any other design of Moth built in the early 1980s
International Moth (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron91Magnum 8 and other designs built 1985-1989
International Moth (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron92Magnum 7, Axeman 1, Blitz 1,2, Gentleman Jim and other pre 1985 designs
International Moth (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron96Shelley and any other design of Moth built 1965-70
International Moth (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron95Womble, Stockholm Sprite, Poacher, Mistral and any other design of Moth built 1970-75
International Moth (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron94Magnum 3 and 4 and any other design of Moth built 1975-79
Jacksnipe (United Kingdom)Lost ClassAlloyDacron88
Javelin (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron82
Jollyboat (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron88
Kestrel (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron93
Kestrel (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron92
Lapwing (United Kingdom)AnyAlloyDacron105
Lark (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron95Baker and Parker mk1 designs only
Leader (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron97
Liverpool Bay Falcon (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron97
Mercury (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron94
Mercury (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron93
Merlin Rocket (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron93Original curved sail shape, not square top
Merlin Rocket (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron91Modern square top sail shape
Merlin Rocket (United Kingdom)ClassicCarbonKevlar83
Merlin Rocket (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron88
Merlin Rocket (United Kingdom)OldCarbonKevlar80
Merlin Rocket (United Kingdom)VintageAlloyDacron95
Merlin Rocket (United Kingdom)VintageWoodCotton103
Minisail (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron108
Mirror (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron124Gaff rig
National 12 (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron98
National 12 (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron96
National 12 (United Kingdom)VintageAlloyDacron101
National 12 (United Kingdom)VintageWoodCotton107
National 18 (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron901974 handicap
OK (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron98
OK (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron97
Optimist (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron144
Osprey (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron86
Osprey (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron84
Otter (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron110
Pacer (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron107
Pegasus (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron92
Pisces (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron103
Redwing (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron98
Scorpion (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron94
Scorpion (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron93
Seafly (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron93
Seafly (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron92
SigneT (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron108
SigneT (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron107
Simoun 445 (France)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron100
Snipe (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron91
Solo (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron102
Solo (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron100
Spearhead (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron95
Streaker (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron98
Swordfish (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron94
Tideway (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron129
Tonic (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron101
Toy (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron93
Unit (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron93
Wayfarer (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron98
Wayfarer (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron95
Wineglass (United Kingdom)ClassicAlloyDacron96
Wineglass (United Kingdom)OldAlloyDacron95
Zenith (United Kingdom)Any cvrdaAlloyDacron92