Christchurch Coot One Design

Length: 4.42m (14ft 6ins)
Width: 1.63m (5ft 4ins)
Country: United Kingdom
Rig Type:
Bermuda Sloop Fractional (with jib)
Trapeze: none
Sail Area: 11.24 sq. m
Spinnaker Type:
No spinnaker
Spinnaker Area:
0 sq.m
Design Year:
Boats Built:
No handicap data found
Alternate Names and Variations
CootUnited Kingdom

Dual purpose racing and family boat.

From the Rossiter Marine Ltd. website: In 1936 Charles Purbrook, a silversmith, built himself a clinker sailing dinghy. Before he had finished it someone bought it and before long he found himself doing, with help from our long serving foreman Tom Kerley, more boatbuilding than silversmithing. These Coot class dinghies caught on and in 1938 he moved to a boatyard on the river Avon at Christchurch


No class association known



Handicap Rating History
RYA 2 Digit Handicaps
1958 113Cotton
 PY Type Secondary;
1960 113Cotton
 PY Type Secondary;
1961 113Cotton
 PY Type Secondary;