Length: 3.35m (11ft 0ins)
Width: 2.25m (7ft 5ins)
Country: United Kingdom
Keel Type:
Rig Type:
Crew: 1
Trapeze: none
Sail Area: 8 sq. m
Spinnaker Type:
No spinnaker
Spinnaker Area:
Design Year: 1928
Boats Built:

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Current CVRDA Handicap Ratings
Invited wing: 90
(Alloy mast, Dacron sail)
(Magnum 8 and other designs built 1985-1989)
Invited wing: 87
(Alloy mast, Dacron sail)
(Any International Moth Lowrider built 2010 onwards)
Invited wing: 89
(Alloy mast, Dacron sail)
(Magnum 9, 9.5, Axeman 2 to 5, Pearce 6, Blitz 3, Aussie Axeman, Ghoul3 and other 19889-95 designs)
Invited wing: 87
(Alloy mast, Dacron sail)
(Magnum 9.9, Hungry Tiger, Axeman 6, 7, Skippy 1,2,3 and other 1995 onward designs)
Old wing: 94
(Alloy mast, Dacron sail)
(Magnum 5,6 designs)
Old wing: 97
(Alloy mast, Dacron sail)
(Shelley and other 1965-70 Moths)
Old wing: 92
(Alloy mast, Dacron sail)
(Magnum 7, Axeman 1, Blitz 1,2, Gentleman Jim and other pre 1985 designs)
Old wing: 96
(Alloy mast, Dacron sail)
(Womble, Stockholm Sprite, Poacher, Mistral and other 1970-75 Moth designs)
Old wing: 95
(Alloy mast, Dacron sail)
(Magnum 3,4 designs)

This is an experimental class. Typical boats have narrow hulls, often only 1 foot wide, and wide wings. Some newer boats are experimenting with hydrofoils, either mounted on the wings, or on the rudder and daggerboard.


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