Length: 3.30m (10ft 10ins)
Width: 0.90m (2ft 11ins)
Country: UK
Rig Type:
Gaff headed
Crew: 2
Trapeze: none
Sail Area: 6.4 sq. m
Spinnaker Type:
Symmetric spinnaker
Spinnaker Area:
4.4 sq.m
Design Year: 1962
Boats Built: 70000
CVRDA Handicaps
Any cvrda wing: 124
(Alloy mast, Dacron sail)
(Gaff rig)

The pairing of Holt with Barry Bucknall (TV DiY expert) to design the Mirror for the Daily Mirror in 1962 caused sailing to expand at an enormous rate. The Mirror was designed for home building, using mass produced plywood panels, and simple “stitch & glue” construction.
From 2006 the Mirror can have a bermuda rig with an aluminium mast and boom.

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