Length: 4.30m (14ft 1ins)
Width: 1.60m (5ft 3ins)
Country: United Kingdom
Keel Type:
Rig Type:
Gunter sloop (with jib)
Trapeze: none
Sail Area: 12 sq. m
Spinnaker Type:
No spinnaker
Spinnaker Area:
0 sq.m
Design Year: 1931
Boats Built:
No handicap data found

Norfolk One Design Sailing Dinghies sail
at a number of clubs throughout the Norfolk Broads. Herbert Woods of
Potter Heigham built 86 Norfolk ODs between 1931 and 1968.

They became one of the larger classes to merge into what became the International 14 Class in 1923 but revived again in 1931 when Herbert Wods built a cheaper dinghy as a protest at the price of an International 14.

The “B” for “Broads” on the sail was chosen to avoid confusion with the 12 foot Nationals, which were sailed frequently on these waters inter-war, and display the letter “N”.


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