Length: 4.27m (14ft)
Width: 2.05m (6ft 9ins)
Country: United Kingdom
Keel Type:
Rig Type:
Bermuda Sloop Fractional (with jib)
Crew: 2
Trapeze: 1
Sail Area: sq. m
Spinnaker Type:
Asymmetric spinnaker
Spinnaker Area:
0 sq.m
Designer(s): ,
Design Year: 2011
Boats Built:
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Rotomoulded catamaran designed by Rob White and Yves Loday.

The 14C has a single trapeze and a jib, with lurid yellow, red and blue Dacron sails. The 14CX includes a gennaker (asymmetric spinnaker) to provide a more powered-up downwind ride, while the 14 School is a basic model for institutional use.

The Xtreme has exactly the same platform (hulls, beams and trampoline) with a taller mast supporting a very high aspect Mylar sail with lots of roach to maximise power. It also has a spinnaker and more sophisticated control systems.


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