Length: 3.85m (12ft 8ins)
Width: 1.42m (4ft 8ins)
Country: United Kingdom
Keel Type:
Rig Type:
Bermuda Sloop Fractional (with jib)
Crew: 1/2
Trapeze: optional
Sail Area: sq. m
Spinnaker Type:
Asymmetric spinnaker
Spinnaker Area:
8 sq.m
Design Year: 1965
Boats Built: 1200
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Topper’s one hull, five dinghies system.

Topaz Uno is a simple singlehander, Uno+ adds a tiny jib,

Topaz Race has a larger monosail rig,

Duo has a stayed mast, larger sails and a trapeze,

Tres adds an asymmetric spinnaker.

Uno, 3.86sq.m (main only)

Uno+, 5.4sq.m (with jib)

Uno Race, 6.9sq.m (main only)

Duo and Tres, 8.3sq.m (with jib)


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