Length: 4.88m (16ft)
Width: 1.72m (5ft 8ins)
Country: United Kingdom
Keel Type:
Rig Type:
Bermuda Sloop Fractional (with jib)
Crew: 2-3
Trapeze: none
Sail Area: 14 sq. m
Spinnaker Type:
No spinnaker
Spinnaker Area:
0 sq.m
Design Year: 1930
Boats Built:
No handicap data found
Alternate Names and Variations
Channel Island Restricted ClassUKHalf decked version sailed in Channel Islands

A clinker built open boat which was sailed at Weymouth and a similar half decked version sailed in the Channel Islands, Falcons conform to a standard design adopted in 1927. A unique feature of the class is the custom of marking the sail of each boat


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