24 Sep 2011

Banbury Sailing Club, Boddington Reservoir, Byfield, Northamptonshire, NN11 6XU

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An event organised specifically for the CVRDA, using CVRDA handicaps and counting towards the CVRDA Travellers Trophy.

Sadly this event has had to be cancelled due to lack of water.

For several years at Banbury we have hosted a Vintage Merlin Open meeting, but this year will be different, this year the CVRDA is coming. Yes, this year we will host a joint Merlin and CVRDA Open meeting on the 24th September. So what will be the difference? Well the CVRDA is the Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association, which encourages the owners of older boats to get them out on the water by promoting racing among a whole range of classes of dinghies. The qualifying requirements are that the boat must be over 25 years old and belong to a class that was formed before 1965. This means that in addition to Merlins we will this year be including all those other classes of old boats at our Vintage Open. Boats such as Gp14s, Fireflies, Solos, National 12s, International 14s, Mirrors, and many many more. Also with the increase in boat length now accepted at Boddington (up to 16 foot 6 inches) there may well be Finns and Fireballs etc. There really are too many to mention, so, please forgive me if I has not mentioned your class of boat, but all the old classes will be welcome.

Many owners of old boats don’t race them because they feel that they are not competitive. In many cases this is true when compared to more modern boats, however when compared to other old boats they may still fair well. So the CVRDA use a handicapping system based on 1965 handicaps but with allowances for the state of tune of the boats. In other words if your boat has old original equipment and/or sails then you get a more favourable handicap than if you are using new or upgraded equipment. Some boats still race with wooden masts and cotton sails for instance whilst others (certainly in the Merlin fleet) may use the very latest gear such as carbon fibre masts and Kevlar sails, but the handicap reflects this as much as possible so that every one can enjoy the event.

So to the event. We want to make this a fun, interesting event for every one. The plans still need to be finalised but the basic format will be 3 races on Saturday with a lunch fitted in between them and then (weather permitting) a BBQ in the evening. Visitors may if they wish camp at the club overnight and then join in with our normal Sunday racing. We are also hoping to fit in a Concours competition where all entrants can vote for their favourite boat; factors to consider should be Originality, Condition, Presentation, and Performance or just overall beauty. The racing at CVRDA events is generally a fairly relaxed affair with no doubt a bit of friendly rivalry so please don’t be put off if you have not raced before.

Further details will be released nearer the date but in the meantime put it in your diary and if you have any questions please contact me, I will be please to hear from you.

CVRDA/Vintage Merlin Open

Saturday 24th September 2011

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Free camper van parking on site and some camping in dinghy park

Club Website: http://www.banburysailing.org.uk

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