Varnishing is easy, honest, but I have to admit it took me quite a few years to work out how to do it….easily….and in that time I have got it wrong so many times. These days, people seem impressed with my varnish but I havn’t got any more skilled, I have just learnt how to do it, not acquired any skill, so I thought I would put together a sort of ‘Idiot’s Guide to varnishing’ with all the gen on how to do it……

So then there will be no excuse for not having perfect varnish:

  • Applying Varnish
    getting it out the can….and onto the wood? OK so you have prepared your wood or varnish and now you want to get down […]
  • G4
    G4 is a one part moisture cured polyurethane very similar to varnish. It comes in different viscosities determined by the application. G4 is sold […]
  • Getting The Old Varnish Off
    O.K. whether it’s paint of varnish, there comes a point where it is just got to come off. If it is varnish, at least […]
  • Materials for Varnishing?
    Boats have been varnished in one way or another for hundreds of years and yet despite all that time and practice, it appears that […]
  • Non Slip Surfaces
    One really nice way of getting a non-slip finish…..
  • Polishing Varnish
    OK, it looks good, but I want perfection Why not Polish it? Mmmmm, not so easy, but you can polish some varnishes……but only once […]
  • Staining
    now, are we going to stain? Generally, I would say you often don’t have too….and please don’t, unless you really have too. Believe me, […]
  • Why do We Varnish?
    Well it’s not as silly a question as you might think at first, we do it of course because we are proud of the […]

PDF version here