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JB 55 – Sailing in Oz

I have just finished restoring a Jolly Boat in Melbourne Australia. The boat (JB 55 – Catherine Lucy) was built in 1970 from cedar and is now looking sensational. The Port Melbourne Yacht club has approx 15 – 20 JB’s sailing regularly on Port Philip Bay. The racing is very competitive and well organised by the club. Be great to get a few of you UK JB sailors over for a yacht and a barbie in the sun…cheers John


March 29, 2014   7 Comments

J17 – Allegria Falls to Pirates

Allegria - J17 falls to Pirates and is scuttled

Allegria - J17 falls to Pirates and is scuttled

Once upon a time I was a young man and used to crew fireflies for my school friend who sailed in Chichester Harbour from Itchenor. Tim’s dad had a Jollyboat, J17 Allegria, and occasionally I would sail in her too.

Skip on many years, I thought it would be quite fun to get a j Jollyboat to show the Wayfarer fleet at Lydney YC a thing or too. After a few searches on the internet, a suitable boat was found and we set off to collect her, only to find out that the boat I had found was Allegria.

Unfortunately, when I got her home, I discovered that the hull and Keel were in very poor condition with very little sound wood aft of the mast step in the bottom of the boat.

It was too hard to let her go though, so she sat in a corner of the barn for several years awaiting a mammoth restoration, but eventually my head won out over my heart and she was given to another friend to celebrate her birthday in.

So Allegria was eventually taken by rum drinking pirates and wrecked…


October 13, 2011   No Comments

J9 Pataka decks get coat of G4

Trevor Chanter has been busy on the decks of J9 ‘Pataka’.

After a few years of hard use, the decks were looking in need of a little care and attention, so Trevor decided to try out the much discussed ‘G4’.

So far his thoughts were: “not overly impressed, but OK”

On the whole, although I have used it quite a bit, I would say that my impression was much the same. There is no doubt that you can get good results with it and I admit it is cheap, but there is quite an art to getting the best out of it.

Not like old Blakes Woodseal (RIP), which was such a wonder-primer. Maybe we will learn to use G4 instead, but maybe the next ‘best-practice’ is yet to be truly established.

J9 decks with G4

April 27, 2011   No Comments

Jolly Fox J83 still looking good at Bosham

Photos of Jolly Fox at Bosham:

https://picasaweb.google.com/boshamsail … /JollyFox#

Looking forwards to seeing her in the flesh in June!

Jolly Fox - J83

J83 is still looking for a decent trailer of combi, so if anyone has got one, do get in touch.

March 29, 2011   1 Comment

J9 Pataka Restoration and re-build images

This Blogsite has got a few of these images on it.

But here is the full set:


February 20, 2008   No Comments

Canadian Jollyboat

This image was sent to me by Justin Cetas of his Jollyboat in Canada.

More info as soon as I have it

February 3, 2008   2 Comments

Jiminy – Finished and looking great

Looking fantastic!!

Looking forwards to seeing Jiminy on the Water!

February 3, 2008   No Comments

Another Jollyboat looking good

I think this is another of Andrew R’s.

I will look up the details shortly – or you can put them in if you know what they are

February 3, 2008   2 Comments

Wooden Mast Foot for J3

These days most Jollyboats are using aluminum masts and stiff ones at that. But it wasn’t always that way, for a while the ‘wooden-tops’ were common in the fleet, but the earliest boats had wooden masts. Wonderful examples of wood-work. Amazingly light, there was not much weight advantage to going to an ali mast. They were made from two halves, some parts as thin as 1/4in. J3 still has its original mast, but is normally sailed with a Needlespar.

February 3, 2008   No Comments

J261 – More Construction shots of Jiminy

A few more shots of Jiminy in the Workshop:

February 3, 2008   No Comments


I can’t remember what the story is with this Jollyboat. The decks look in very good condition or have recently been re-built. The hull does not look quite so good, but nothing too hard to fix.

I can’t quite tell from the photo, but there looks like something slightly funny going on around the stern decking.

Anybody know the full story on this. If so please do leave a comment.

February 3, 2008   2 Comments

J261 Jiminy in the Workshop

Looks like some pretty serious high quality boat building going on here:

Wonderful shot on a Jollyboat under the decks

I particularly like the shot showing the innerds of a Jollyboat under the decks -It certainly shows how thin the Jollyboat is and also how little reserver bouyancy is provided by the side tanks.

February 3, 2008   No Comments

Mostly Joy

Can’t remember what the story is with this one. Will do some more research and update post. If you know the story – leave a comment.

February 3, 2008   2 Comments

J216 Jollyboat in the Workshop

Need to check details on this one

February 3, 2008   No Comments

J9 Pataka one of the most sucsessfull Jollyboats ever

J9 was rebuilt recently and is now in good hands. It was a really good job and they took an interesting approach to the problems the Jollyboat always has of keeping the hull rigid by putting in a set of ribs. This seems like a good idea on the whole as long as you don’t fall over them.

February 3, 2008   No Comments

Jollyboat at the Isle of White Dinghy Museum

There are a few Jollyboats on the Isle of White, but I am afraid I am not aware of any of the still on the water.

I am told that there is one hanging from the ceiling of the Royal Squadron bar…..if you can confirm….do.

These are some photos of the Jollyboat in the museum. Will confirm number later.

Jollyboats at IOW Museum

Jollyboats at IOW Museum

I do like the centre-sheeting on this boat. This method used to be very common, but many boats that had it have now died and the few that still have it have been reverted to stern sheeting. I think there is a fair chance that I will use this on next Jollyboat that I renovate…..whenever that is.

Which I guess will be when I can next afford it

Jollyboats at IOW Museum

February 3, 2008   2 Comments

Jollyboats at Fairey Marine 50th Anniversary Regatta

This was the last time we all got together in 1996 or so.

Really about time we got back together again.

February 3, 2008   No Comments

Jollyboat J17 came up for sale….but now gone to a good home

Hopefully we will hear more about J17 soon as there does not look like too much work to do on her.






February 2, 2008   1 Comment

J332 many times concours winner

September 2, 2004   No Comments

Jollyboats in Melbourne

2008 is the 50th anniversary of their Jollyboat Worlds – racing for the Ashes.

Jollyboats racing in Melbourne

Jollyboats in the Boatshed at Melbourne

Jollyboats in the Boatshed at Melbourne



Jollyboats in the Boatshed at Melbourne

February 2, 2004   No Comments