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Posts from — April 2011

J9 Pataka decks get coat of G4

Trevor Chanter has been busy on the decks of J9 ‘Pataka’.

After a few years of hard use, the decks were looking in need of a little care and attention, so Trevor decided to try out the much discussed ‘G4’.

So far his thoughts were: “not overly impressed, but OK”

On the whole, although I have used it quite a bit, I would say that my impression was much the same. There is no doubt that you can get good results with it and I admit it is cheap, but there is quite an art to getting the best out of it.

Not like old Blakes Woodseal (RIP), which was such a wonder-primer. Maybe we will learn to use G4 instead, but maybe the next ‘best-practice’ is yet to be truly established.

J9 decks with G4

April 27, 2011   Comments Off on J9 Pataka decks get coat of G4

Rules & Measurement Form – Now online

We now have three sets of Jollyboat Rules and a Measurement Form on this site.

Of course, as the Owners Association is not currently established, there is nothing or nobody to say that you have to stick within these rules! In reality few of us have stayed exactly within the last known ratified set of rules from 1967, although most have tried to stay within their spirit.

There is some confusion due to the fact that we know that there was a set of amendments to the rules prepared for the 1971 AGM, which included a wide set of changes that reflected a wish by the class membership for a much looser set of rules allowing for some development by the owners. This included an extension to mast height and freeing of the rudder shape.

There was also a set of proposed rule amendments made in 1993, which we have, but as the class association was never re-formed, we can only presume that they were never ratified and we can only guess as to the support they had then or now from Jollyboat owners.

Anyway, they are now available from this website here.

April 2, 2011   Comments Off on Rules & Measurement Form – Now online