Events for 2021

With prospects of sailing better for 2021, the events calendar is coming together nicely.

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Minisail Register

If you would like information about your boat (or former boat[s]) to be included then please fill out this form and submit it. Sail No. Construction Year Type Hull Colour Deck Colour…

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Welcome to the Minisail Class Association CVRDA website

The Minisail is an Ian Proctor design originally dating back to 1959. Forerunner to its smaller sibling the Topper, the Minisail appeared in several versions through the '60s and '70s, in both wood and…

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Hunts Event

Peter Vinton has been gazing into a crystal ball to a future CVRDA event and produced this report: After the recent lock down it was good to get back out on the water for the CVRDA rally at Hunts.

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All meetings and events are currently suspended due to the goverment lockdown.

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