A force 3-4 NE breeze gusting to 5 at times coming through the city on
to Plymouth Sound produced challenging and exciting racing for the
competitors during the first days racing. With the local Hornet
leading the way around the course for the visitors. The Hornet taking the
gun and the race on handicap from visitors David & Keith Rollinson in a
Pegasus with the GP of Roger Devereux and Harry Croft third.

The Second race was sailed over the same course with the wind now producing large
shifts on the beat. The Hornet once again took the gun but was
relegated to second by the Pegasus with the Jollyboat of the Bremners taking

It was all to play for on the second day, which started with a 90
minute pursuit race. Which saw the fastest boats becalmed on the first
beat allowing the slower boats to get away. With the Pegasus of the
Rollisons and the GP making the biggest gains.

With the sea breeze filling in the faster boats started to gain but by this time the Peggy was two legs ahead of its chasers and was never going to be passed. The Hornet
finally struggled past the GP of Devereux with about 4 minutes to go.

Race 2 was started in a 2-3 sea breeze against a strong tide which saw
the GP of Devereux taking the bullet on handicap followed by the Peggy
and Hornet 3rd. Everything depending on the last race as to who won, the
Hornet or Pegasus. The cracking start from the Rollinson plus a stray
yacht on the start line putting paid to the Hornets challenge. Finishing
positions being Pegasus, GP and Hornet after handicap corrections.

May I Thank all the visitors for attending and Dee Razey and her race team for
a great event.

Overall Results:

1st Pegasus 196 ‘Blast from the Past’
D. Rollinson and K.Rollinson (Bowmoor S.C.) 5.25pts

2nd Hornet 2129 ‘In Memory of mike
& ricky’ A.Williams and R.Howell (Mayflower S.C.) 6.25pts

3rd GP 4380
R.Devereux and H.Croft (Shearwater S.C.) 11.75pts

4th N12 672 C.Barlow
and L. Barlow (Shearwater S.C.) 16pts

5th Jollyboat 3 ‘Effie’
E.Bremner and S.Bremner (Roadford Lake S.C.).