Old boat wing

We originally defined ‘old’ boats as those designed before 1965 and built before 1985.

These boats still make up the bulk of the wing, however we soon realised that it left out lots of interesting boats that have been made for the development classes since 1965 which although designed more recently seemed to be totally within the theme and character of the cvrda.

We decided therefore that the old wing should include any boat from the development classes established before 1965 as long as it was both designed and built before 1985. It has since been decided to add in some specific post-1965 classes which fit the cvrda ethos.

In the future it might become necessary to reassess this decision if too many ‘out of character’ boats start taking an interest in the cvrda old wing, but for the moment its just great to see these wonderful dinghies which have become totally outpaced within their own classes but can still have great handicap racing with the cvrda old wing.
Of course the dinghy classes for the ‘old wing’ are just the same as for the classic and vintage wings, its just that the boats are not quite so old.

In addition we have extended the definition of the Old Racing Dinghy Wing to include a limited number of classes established between 1965 and 1975. These classes are:

Contender (aluminium rig only)
Devon Yawl
Phantom (aluminium rig only)

other classes will be considered on application to the CVRDA committee

So what boats would be able to race with the ‘old wing’…….?

Well all these classes are pre-1965, so if the boat is was built before 1985…..you are in!.

Development Classes International Classes National Classes
International 14 (1928)
National 12 (1936)
National Merlin Rocket (1946)
International 10SqM Canoe (1946)
International Moth (1929)
Cherub (1953)
Norfolk Punt
Enterprise (1956)
Europe (1960)
Finn (1949)
Fireball (1961)
420 (1959)
505 (1954)
Fly – Dutchman (1950)
Flying Fifteen (1947)
GP14 (1950)
Mirror (1963)
OK (1960)
Optomist (1947)
Snipe (1931)
12sqM Sharpie (1930)
Albacore (1954)
National 18 (1930)
Firefly (1946)
Graduate (1952)
Hornet (1952)
Osprey (1953)
Scorpion (1960)
Shearwater (1955)
Solo (1955)
Swordfish (1947)

Well those are the common ones, and in no particular order……..but don’t forget the other classes…….the CVRDA has a particular interest in these classes, some large, some small, some thriving and some forgotten but all need supporting

Bosun (1961)
Gull (1956)
Heron (1951)
Leader (1961)
YW Dayboat (1949)
Cadet (1947)
Redwing (1938)
Seafly (1961)
Signet (1961)
Fairey Jollyboat (1953)
Fleetwind (1951)
Toy (1964)
Wayfarer (1957)
Wineglass (1957)
Pegasus (1958)

And of course there are many, many others!