Sailboat 1998

For those of you who were able to get to Alexandra Palace, in London, last March for Sailboat 1998, you saw our stand in all it's glory, celebrating 40 years of the Pegasus Class.

The boat on the stand was 48 - Citrine, as she would have been in 1959 when she was built, complete with wooden mast and boom. Andy restored her for the show. Dressed overall with balloons and streamers added for the party atmosphere

Matthew McCann (P178) made an excellent job of the display board, and with the help of Alison McGregor and Josephine Woodcock, working on the stand, all the hard work paid off.

I do not think the show was as busy as the year before, or maybe it was just us; as we did not have as much interest as the previous year.

It takes a lot of effort, time, and energy to prepare for the show and man the stand. Therefore this year we have decided to take a break, but to come back in 2000 with a new boat, if time and funds allow. A few of us will go to the show this year to visit to see what's new and get some ideas for next year.

As a matter of interest; Citrine is now in storage, re-united with her normal aluminium mast and boom, and is for sale should anyone like to make Andy a sensible offer.


Pegasus 2000

In order to keep the class up to date, Andy Hayes hopes to build a revised Pegasus for the Millenium. The hull will, of course, remain as per the rules of measurement but the deck layout will be changed to accommodate the following:-

He hopes to have the boat ready for the Dinghy Exhibition 2000 in March next year and we will post photos here as soon as we get them!