Pegasus Tuning Tips

Racing my Pegasus competively over the past four years has brought to light many things that are vital to make the boat handle well, safely, and get the best boat speed.

  1. Remove the old mast jack system and use a proper tight fitting mast heel and rack for fore and aft adjustment.

  2. Ensure the mast is a tight, but sliding fit in the mast gate (no sideways movement).

  3. Rigid but adjustable spreaders to control mast stiffness depending on wind strength/crew weight.

  4. Improved hull bouyancy to reduce amount of water in hull after a capsize. The original levels destroy any chances of staying in the race.

  5. Balanced rudder design with vertical, elliptical blade for full control. The original rudder tip stalls at speed and creates too much weather helm. If you think the Pegasus is hard to control off wind in a blow remember that after boat balance, blade stall is the quickest cause of a very quick wipe-out.

  6. Update your thinking on sail and mast conrtol systems and the current sail plan make things so much better and controllable.



Pegasus on Run

I hope these tips will help you get up to speed and really enjoy racing and sailing your Pegasus.