The 2nd annual cvrda rally took place, as last year, at Roadford lake in Devon. Once again the August bank holiday weekend was blessed with fine weather and wind.

This event continues to grow in popularity with numbers increasing over the 1st year.

Boats from many classes took part with examples from throughout the history of these same classes. Firefly’s, Merlin Rockets, National 12’s, Jollyboats, Plymouth Dolphins……….all competed for the series title as well as the concourse d’elegance.

Saturday was the fun race, a treasure hunt, maths and anagram test finishing with a knot test made for a lively but very lighthearted start to the event.

The Pegasus and Mercury classes both held their national championships at this years event. For those and the others there was some lively, noisy but once again friendly racing. 20 or so boats at the 1st mark in near drifting conditions IS fun!

The ‘party in the barn’ on the Sunday night was a resounding success resulting in quite a few thick heads the next day.


mmmmmmm, to be honest, I can’t remember much and if I get time I will dig through the boxes of cvrda stuff and find them out and put them up here, If anyone is really bothered……give me a call.

I seem to remember it was something like this:

Classic Wing 1st Pegasus 48 (Citrine) – Andy Hayes
Vintage Wing 1st Tideway (Blossom) – Pat Thompson
Old Wing 1st Osprey 959 (Shape) – Jeff Faulkner
Overall Winner Osprey 959 (Shape) – Jeff Faulkner
1st Plastic Boat Wayfarer 4004 – Roger Ford