OK…..it’s done, it’s overa and we’re all recovering from aching arms, legs and heads – What a weekend! Looking forward to next years cvrda events already! We had it all, No wind & Sun – Wind & Sun, Wind & Rain, Wind (o That’s another story!)

38 boats from the 1930s to 1975 met for the main event of the Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association over the bank holiday. The first event was a fun treasure hunt involving some taxing maths to be calculated from clues to be found on, or near the water. At least one beached landing and rushed departure left a crew up to her neck in the water, whilst the helm had to return for her.

Sunday morning the sun shone and the wind disappeared for the first of the races. After a long delay it was decided to go for a start even though the wind strength was still only approaching ‘light’. Roadford has never let us down and right on cue, as the one minute blue peter fell, the wind picked up to a very reasonable breeze which kept up (more or less) throughout.

A few minor mishaps were noted out on the water, accompanied often by a few vintage words! Tillers came off, extensions snapped, a rudder pulled through a transom, and how did the crew of the five-o-five come off the trapeze wire and into the water?

Overall winner was Andy Hayes in a Pegasus, 2nd Rupert Whelan, 3rd Sonia Callaway, but many private battles were closely contested and enjoyed by all. Thanks to all for a great weekend.

Overall Results:

Pos Boat Type Sail No Boat Name Helm Crew Club Pts
1st  Pegasus  48  Citrine  Andy Hayes  Matthew McCann  Saltash Yacht club  6.5 
2nd  Minisail  8122  Paddling Pool  Rupert Whelan    Whitefriars  8.25 
3rd  Flying Fifteen  1293  Fflipside  Sonia Callaway  Kevin Boyd  Roadford Lake SC  20 
4th  5o5  1423  Shadey Lady  Bob Corfield  Sean Cater  Bristol Avon SC  21 
5th  Bosun  645  Make and Mend  Alestair Wallace    Roadford Lake SC  28 

roadford 2003 results overall

roadford 2003 results by fleet