42 classic & Vintage boats gathered for the 6th CVRDA meeting at Roadford Lake in Devon over the August bank holiday weekend.

This is the main event in the Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association calendar, and, running since 1999, has almost become the classic dinghy Nationals.

Saturday was a day of cruising, sail pasts, fun races and boat admiration. The clear winner of the latter was Rannoch, Neil Witt’s 1946 International Canoe, looking great afloat and ashore.

Sunday and Monday saw more serious racing. On both days the wind was a gusty force 5, which saw some of the more delicate boats stay ashore, but there were still over 30 boats on the start line each race.

Out racing were everything from Tideways, National 12’s and other small dinghies to 18′ Jollyboats, Ospreys and rare Catamarans. Alan William’s Shark Cat sailed with 58 stone on board to keep her in the water, and Rob Trythall started one race with 3 on board his Jollyboat, but in a move more like that of a Bermuda 14, jettisoned one crew member 1/2 way round! Luckily there was a rescue boat on hand to tidy up after him…

At the front end of the Handicap fleet, there was a titanic battle between 2 Fireflies, a Pegasus and a Tideway, with a sliding seat Hornet, Plymouth Dolphin, Flying 15 and Wayfarer chasing hard. With 4 different race winners, consistency was needed to stay at the front. Saskia the Firefly, from Whitefriars SC eventually came out as winner, having been pushed hard all the way on the water by Arachne from Restronguet. Gwylan, a tideway from Llangors, sailed immaculately in the conditions to come 2nd overall. Blast from the past was not only 3rd overall, but also the 2004 Pegasus national champion, which ran concurrently with the classic event.



1st Firefly 2324 Saskia (Rupert and Kathryn Whelan)
2nd Tideway 299 Gwylan (Mary Davis)
3rd Pegasus 194 Blast from the Past (David and Keith Rollinson)
4th Firefly 3459 Arachne (Liz Evans and Jonathon Hackwell)
5th Hornet 140 Goose Too (Roger Devereux and various crews)
6th Dolphin 13 Gazelle (Mark and Ann Jones)

Vintage fleet (traditional construction):

1st Tideway 299 Gwylan

Classic fleet (designed and built before 1965)

1st Firefly 2324 Saskia

Old fleet (designed before 1965, over 25 years old)

1st Wayfarer 4004 Goosander (Roger Ford and Val Shillito)

For the full results, just click here. Thanks to Chris & Lois for being this years sailwave wallahs

Chris & Lois also took some fantastic photo’s.

Anne also took some fantastic photo’s.

Click here to view these (the full size pictures are very large, so broadband is recommended.)

All these photo’s and more, I will be putting in a gallery on this site in the near future.