May 1st-3rd 2010

19 entries including 9 Classic Finns took part, the fleet also welcomed several new boats and classes. It was also good to see at their first ever CVRDA event the Cherub and Redwing Classes with two representatives each, another Scow Moth and Firefly 13 which was a 1948 Olympic Trials Boat

Saturday pm two races round the lake in the direction you choose – first one way then the other. Only Merlins 1066 and 507 chose anticlockwise first but had a very close race together overtaking each other a couple of times in the first race. 1066 celebrating her 50th birthday with a good re-varnish and new sails (well new in 1966, but they set very well and apparently have returned to their original boat. The round the lake fun races on Saturday won in both directions by Peter Vinton with a time difference between his two laps being ten seconds. The time difference between heading off anti clock wise and then clockwise was according to Peter 10seconds.

On Sunday the Lake was closed for most of the day due to high winds and a vote was taken whether to abandon racing for the day or start later in the day. A considerable majority voted to knock it on the head for the day. This allowed people to explore the area and the local pubs.

Monday seemed brighter at first but the wind was only marginally lighter than Sunday but three races back to back to get them in before lunch. Most boats setout, several capsized (more than once) at least one halyard failed and one tiller snapped. Several came in after the first race relieved to have survived. However the conditions provided good spectator conditions with the Finns reveling blustery wind and the Redwings and Solo also going well. Once the results had been worked out it was a clean sweep for the Finns filling the top three positions in most classifications. Racing in the CVRDA series is not cut and thrust but a chance to meet old friends, try each others’ boats, race in a gentlemanly fashion and have a few beers together. If the stress of a high power circuit is getting to you buy an old boat that quilifies for the CVRDA and put the fun back into your racing.

Roadford 2010 results


Combined event  Classic Finn Series
1st Finn 197 Peter Vinton  1st 197 Peter Vinton
2nd Finn 129 Mark Belshaw  2nd SA470 Rob Butler Finn
3rd Finn SA470 Rob Butler  3rd 129 Mark Belshaw
4th Dave Harker
Classic Fleet  Old Fleet
1st Finn 197 Peter Vinton  1st Finn SA470 Rob Butler
2nd Finn 129 Mark Belshaw  2nd Finn 424 Alan Williams
3rd Finn 218 Dave Harker  3rd Solo 1360 David Philpot