Roadford Lake Sailing Club the spiritual founding place of the CVRDA welcomed competitors from as far away as Frampton-on-Seven, Warminster, Yeovil and Falmouth to their annual CVRDA meeting over the 2nd May Bank Holiday Weekend.
With the weather living to the local forecast wind N-NW 17 knots and gusting 21 overcast sky and drizzle. Two races were held from the shore bases start line. The course was set in the northern part of the lake. The windward leg was from Worther to a mark in the centre of the lake with a short run to Middle and then a planning reach back down the lake to Worther. With the wind starting to swing it was vital to be on the correct side of the shifts. The races was finished after 3 laps and the first boats to complete the course were Finn 388, Finn 284 , and Finn 560 (not correct numbers as had just been given the sail),.This was also the order after the handicaps had been worked out.
Race Two saw a change of course with Shop being substituted for the buoy in the middle of the Lake. This was to prove a better course as the wind was now stead and the Worther to Shop leg was a very fair beat. Once again the Finns finished in the top three positions but the Merlin Rocket 3241 of the Marshalls was starting to close up on them.
Once the corrected times had been worked out it was to be the same order of positions as the previous race.
Sundays racing took place in similar conditions. A Committee boat was used and this enabled the RO to set a near perfect beat in the conditions. Once again the battle between the Finns was on with the Merlin Keeping pace with them but having to fly the spinnaker on every down wind leg to stay in contention. A capsize for the leading Finn 388 Mark Belshaw was to prove costly and he finished way down the field. Mean while Finn 284 Dave Harker had taken the lead and was pushed very hard by the Merlin for the next two rounds. However the Merlin capsized on the spinnaker reach and dropped out of contention. This left 284 with an uncatchable lead for the rest of the race. Second placed boat was Wayfarer 1076 sailed by Giles and Kate Penfold, in third places was Finn SA470 Roger Witts. A mention should be given and smallest boat taking part the Wagtail 153 sailed by Katherine Refson being crewed very capably by her six year old daughter Isobel. Results after correction 1st Finn 284, 2nd Wayfarer 1076, 3rd Finn SA470 Roger Witts, in 4th place was the Wagtail.
Race two was held over the same course and drama was to strike the Merlin and Finn 284 at the start as they became entangled and both boats capsized. The Merlin righted and continued but the Finn honorably retired and sat out the race. The race saw a new contender coming into play with the Wayfarer hanging on the shirt tails of the Finns for a fine victory on handicap, second being Finn 388, third Finn SA470.
The last race of the day saw the wind dropping marginally. This needless to say was to the Wayfarers disadvantage and the race became another one two for the Finns 388 and 284 with a new faces appearing in third place Albacore 5198 Pat & Sandy from Shearwater SC.
Monday saw lighter winds and the sun starting to appear and once again became a Finn Fest with Finn 388 taking first in both races 284 taking second in both races and Ed Bremner taking third in both races. May I thank all our visitors and hope to see you all again next year.
Overall 1st Finn 388 Mark Belshaw Helford River SC
2nd Finn 284 Dave Harker RLSC
3rd Finn Ed Bremner RLSC
Old Division Finn Mark Belshaw Helford River SC
Classic Division Wayfarer Giles & Kate Penfold Shearwater SC
Lost Classes Wagtail Katherine & Isobel Refson Plym YC

PS We had two free Socials (BBQ’s) with lots of really good locally produced cider which went down very well.

Roadford 2011 results