CVRDA & Classic Finn Meeting 16th -17th June, Roadford Lake Sailing Club, West Devon
All racing was cancelled on the 16th as the Lake was closed due to Gale force winds. This was unfortunate as competitors had travelled from as far away as Cambridge and Yeovil with the other entries spread across the SW. A lot of admiring boats/ preparation of boats took place and later in the day a limited amount of the lake was open ( but not enough to set a course). This allowed some of the younger and less fragile boats to have a blast.
Competitors were greeted on Sunday by a sunny morning with a variable N-NE force 2-3 wind which later in the day started to die away as heavy rain moved into the area. The course used was favourably commented on by the competitors being a “Daisy Course”.
Start line to first mark return to a central mark then proceed to the next mark back to central mark adding as many marks as you wish with the finish line being reached from the last daisy mark. This course seems to suit most types of boats and is becoming the main type of course used on the lake.
These conditions and the course seemed to suit the Finn 284 sailed by local sailor David Harker extremely well with him winning 3 out of the 4 races and discarding a second. Close behind was the 1938 Uffa King National Twelve sailed by the Wylie brothers which was well suited to the light conditions towards the end of the day.
Third place was a draw between visiting Hornet 140 David Cooper and local Finn sailor Ronnie Ball.

The meeting attracted some very interesting and historic boats. Jack Holt’s hard chine International Canoe from which the Hornet was developed and Hornet 140 Dandy Jack Holt’s own Hornet. There were two International Moths a Guesting Magnum and a very nice 1960’s Moth of unknown design. It was becoming a bit of a reunion of previously owned Holt boats as also attending was the first Holt glued Merlin Rocket which had also been owned by him. Another rarity was a Wineglass. The Classic Finns also had a famous boat as Ronnie Ball’s boat is an ex Chris Law Olympic boat.
May I thank everyone who attended and made this a great event and also all those people that helped to make it happen.

Combined Meeting Results
1st Finn 284 David Harker
2nd N12 33 the Wylie Brothers
3rd= Hornet 140 David Cooper and Crew and Finn Ronnie Ball

Finn Classic Fleet
1st Finn 284 David Harker
2nd Finn Ronnie Ball

Vintage N12 33 the Wylie Brothers
Classic Hornet 140 David Cooper & crew
Old Finn 284 David Harker