can’t see inside? ….grab a phone or digital camera…

Sometimes you want to see under the deck, inside a bouyancy tank or storage compartment and the problem can be that there is only a small hatch to gain access by. Often, you don’t even have a light that you can get in there, shining a torch from outside can reveal a little of the inside….but not much. Ramming your face up to the hole gets you a little more view…..but not much.

There is one way around this, using your smartphone or a small compact digital camera…..just put it on auto, make sure the flash is working and then stuff your hand inside….or round the corner or whatever and take a photo, then pull out the camera and just check what is happening on the image-review panel.

Seeing Inside -  -    Seeing Inside -  -    Seeing Inside -  -    Seeing Inside -  -

Works for me……..

Of course the other thing you can do with your digital camera, is take lots of photos of your boat….and send them to the CVRDA!