Over the weekend the waters of Staunton Harold in Derbyshire experienced calms, squalls from many directions, heavy rain, sunshine and even enough hail to form piles in the corner of our cockpits (that sounds like an excellent euphemism for something, but I wouldn’t like to say what).  In amongst all this 21 classic dinghies (designed before 1965 and built before 1985) including a 1946 International 14, a couple of 50s and 60s Albacores, Finns and Moths, and a fleet of Minisails managed to enjoy 5 races with a good competition between the different boats.  At the front in each race Ellie Craig’s Scorpion, Lyndon Beasley‘s Stockholm Sprite Moth and Peter Vinton’s Finn were generally to be found, but back in the pack Rupert Whelan was well ahead of the other Minisails and far too far up the fleet to be discounted on handicap.  The two 1950s Albacores of Andrew and Kathryn Willat and Steve Bailey and Louise Craig were racing well and also the Enterprise of Phillip and Amy Wilson after dashing home on Saturday to replace one cracked Enterprise with a better one!  Once all the handicaps were worked out, based on 1965 PY numbers, Rupert in his Minisail won, Peter was second in his Finn and Ellie and Robin Jones 3rd in their Scorpion.

Staunton Harold 2016 full results