The minutes of the Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association 18th  Annual General Meeting 2016.

Held at Hunts Sailing Club, Saturday 27th August 1753hrs.

1. Apologies from Neil Witt and Ed Bremmer.

2. Minutes of the 2015 AGM were proposed as correct by Sam Mason and seconded by Nessa Weedon-Jones.

3. Election of Committee.

The present Officers forming the Committee were voted back en block after Chris had asked Roger D and Rupert W if either of them would like to take over as Commodore. They both declined the offer on the grounds that Chris was doing such an excellent job.

Approval of the Committee proposed by Rupert Whelan and seconded by Roger D.

4.  Voting for or against the Boat Classifications amendment proposed by Niel Witt and seconded by Rupert Whelan.

Chris drew everyone’s attention to the proposed amendment sheets with the currant classifications  printed in black with the proposed additional definitions in red beneath them. The aim was to broaden the definitions to increase membership and participation. Flexibility and discussion was to be encouraged and those running an event could use their discretion. Peter Vinton asked if ‘new classes’ boats would only be eligible if they were built before 1985. Yes, rather than moving forward the date which would include boats catered for in their own class. There would be a trial of the amendments for a  period of 2 years starting as of now.

The vote was for the amendments was unanimous.

5. Voting for or against the additional amendment to the constitution proposed by Pat Jones and seconded by Alan Williams:

‘Replicas, (which includes new hulls even if they contain a few parts  of an old boat) may be able to join in with events at the organiser’s discretion but will not be eligible for prizes.’

Nessa said an ‘old’ phantom may be a new build. Chris Wood mentioned a ‘rebuilt 1930s design with epoxy. Chris  B said the crucial word were ‘repair’ and ‘modified’ An epoxied old boat would be stiffer. A National 12 replica of a 1036 design was mentioned.

All except Sandy voted for the constitutional amendment. He voted against for ‘rebellious reasons’!

6. Commodore’s Report.

Chris said 1 or 2 events had not be as well supported as he liked. Shearwater was cancelled due to lack of interest and only 5 boats sailed at Clywedog, every one of them crewed by a past or present member of Shearwater. Chris Wood commented August meetings had been too close. Peter Vinton replied this had not been the intention and was due to a late reply from Clywedog. Chris Wood suggested programming one event a month.This met with general agreement. Chris B said Bristol was usually at the beginning and the end of the year and we must all encourage members to come along to events. He said he had managed to brainwash some Shearwater members. Chris Wood said the Avon river cruise was great. Chris B said he was always open to new ideas. He urged all members to spread the word around. He said it had been good to see youngsters taking part on the Avon.

7. Treasurer’s Report.

Lois drew everyone’s attention to the account sheet.She reported that the website cost less, but was still the heaviest expense, and there’d been a steady trickle of membership from the web. No donations to CVRDA had been received from clubs. Money had been made and lost through CVRDA clothing. Keith wondered if clubs could be asked to give an extra pound or two at events.

Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by Amy Barlow and seconded by Philip Wilson.

8. Fixtures report.

Peter Vinton said Keith was keen to have a Bank Holiday event at Clywedog so the 2017 Nationals would be held there.

9. Membership report.

Lois said 29 members were on her list due to some having been in the previous year’s accounts. As stated in her treasurer’s report there was a steady trickle of membership from the web.

10. Webmaster’s report.

Pat said the forum was thriving and Facebook was thriving, The CVRDA view to the outside world was going very nicely. The website had been updated. Chris Barlow thanked Pat for all her hard work not only with the web but also with results at events. All applauded her.

11. Any Other Business.

Publicity was brought up. Nessa said she’s try to get publicity into Yachts and Yachting. Rupert said clubs needed to be informed. Philip Wilson asked if any benefit could be derived from clubs like Wroxham being affiliated with CVRDA. Could more mutual publicity be done? Philip W and Tim B said Wroxham publicity had been very poor. Chris W said info about Wroxham was hard to find. Matt Rutter said the motorbike community put leaflets on all bikes. Could we do something similar to old boats? Posters on the web to printout was suggested. Ian M said many sailors don’t know what CVRDA was all about. Sandy stated we should nurture a relationship with Yachts and Yachting to get CVRDA promoted. Dean said when Mini Sails were being sold on the web Mini Sail info was flagged up. Nikki said she’ll sort out a a poster to download. Nessa had got stickers organised  and is looking for a new supplier of T shirts.

Ian M proposed thanks to Chris B and all the committee. Everyone applauded.

The next AGM will be held at the CVRDA Nationals, Clywedog,  Saturday 26th August at 1800hrs.