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March 29, 2014   No Comments

Jollyboat mainsail

I am looking for a second hand mainail in reasonable condition, a bit less baggy than my present one.

April 24, 2014   2 Comments

J335 – Chydorus

Late Fairey Jollyboat J335 – Chydorus is looking for a new home .

J335 is as far as I know the 2nd newest Fairey Jollyboat in existence in the UK.

I have had her for a few years and was planning on rebuilding her to a more modern state of tune.  I had an Int 14 mast and intended to mount it on a crew deck in the front of the boat, with full length  side-tanks, so she could be brought up dry after a capsize.

Currently she needs some work doing to her.  For sure there is a hole just in front of the trasom in the lower hull, which would be easy enough to fix.  There is also quite a bit of decking that would need replacing.  For myself, I would replace the the whole deck, but it would be possible to patch if you would prefer.

She comes with an original wooden-top reynolds mast, both wood centre-board and heavy steel plate.  There is a rudder and tiller, sails and other bits, but as I said, it was always my intention to replace most of this gear with modern stuff.

There is an old cover and an old trolley, with a dodgy trailer…

You can see more images here:

If you would like to know more, please do get back to me on ed@cvrda.org


April 19, 2014   No Comments

JUolly boats in Germany, 1943?

I’m a writer in Baltimore, USA, starting work on a book that involves, among other things, a Jew hiding in Berlin during the war who bought a “jolly boat” in 1943. Do you have:
* photos of a jolly boat that would have been common in Germany in those years.
* the dimensions of such a boat & details on its mast, rigging, oars, speed, etc.
* details on materials used in constructing it
* a sense of how popular such boats were in Germany or Europe in general at that time.

March 29, 2014   1 Comment

Jolly Boat wanted for restoration project

Hi All, I am a keen amateur looking for a Jolly Boat as a restoration project, I have had experiance in all kinds of wooden boatbuilding in the past so confident to take on most projects….I would be interested in anything anyone may have looking for a new caring home. Nick Rowton-Lee

March 29, 2014   2 Comments

jollyboat 13 kc


March 29, 2014   1 Comment

JB 55 – Sailing in Oz

I have just finished restoring a Jolly Boat in Melbourne Australia. The boat (JB 55 – Catherine Lucy) was built in 1970 from cedar and is now looking sensational. The Port Melbourne Yacht club has approx 15 – 20 JB’s sailing regularly on Port Philip Bay. The racing is very competitive and well organised by the club. Be great to get a few of you UK JB sailors over for a yacht and a barbie in the sun…cheers John


March 29, 2014   7 Comments

J17 – Allegria Falls to Pirates

Allegria - J17 falls to Pirates and is scuttled

Allegria - J17 falls to Pirates and is scuttled

Once upon a time I was a young man and used to crew fireflies for my school friend who sailed in Chichester Harbour from Itchenor. Tim’s dad had a Jollyboat, J17 Allegria, and occasionally I would sail in her too.

Skip on many years, I thought it would be quite fun to get a j Jollyboat to show the Wayfarer fleet at Lydney YC a thing or too. After a few searches on the internet, a suitable boat was found and we set off to collect her, only to find out that the boat I had found was Allegria.

Unfortunately, when I got her home, I discovered that the hull and Keel were in very poor condition with very little sound wood aft of the mast step in the bottom of the boat.

It was too hard to let her go though, so she sat in a corner of the barn for several years awaiting a mammoth restoration, but eventually my head won out over my heart and she was given to another friend to celebrate her birthday in.

So Allegria was eventually taken by rum drinking pirates and wrecked…


October 13, 2011   No Comments

J 161

Well this is my first ever blog.
This Fairey finished boat is being redecked with the help of my friend Ian, Jollyboat deck maestro and owner of the very beautiful J261 Jimini.
I have the Jollyboat owners association records and have been trying to keep a list of active boats.
Please let me know if you have a Jollyboat.
I have been phoning and emailing to get as many Jollyboats as are saillng to Bosham Classic boat revival 25 and 26th June.
At least 5 boats going and of course lots of classic day boats and CVRDA boats.

Decks off J161

Decks off J161

This is why the decks needed replacing - extensive areas of delamination.

This is why the decks needed replacing - extensive areas of delamination.

Bung through to cavity under deck

Bung through to cavity under deck

New bulkhead and new deckbeams.

New bulkhead and new deckbeams.

Foredeck going on.

Foredeck going on.

Tanks had "fillet" of black glue which had cracked. All removed and replaced by epoxy.

Tanks had "fillet" of black glue which had cracked. All removed and replaced by epoxy.

More pictures to follow as work progresses.

May 29, 2011   7 Comments

Sula now desperate for Rescue


Jollyboat Sula is still looking for a good home.

She is free for anybody who wants to just come and pick her up. All I would like is to see this wonderful old Jollyboat brought back to life. It would be quite possible to do so, but I don’t pretend that it wouldn’t be quite a big job.

If you would like to know more, please do just look at the photos at: http://bit.ly/imxj2l

and get in touch with me as soon as possible.

She really won’t last another winter.


May 25, 2011   5 Comments

J9 Pataka decks get coat of G4

Trevor Chanter has been busy on the decks of J9 ‘Pataka’.

After a few years of hard use, the decks were looking in need of a little care and attention, so Trevor decided to try out the much discussed ‘G4’.

So far his thoughts were: “not overly impressed, but OK”

On the whole, although I have used it quite a bit, I would say that my impression was much the same. There is no doubt that you can get good results with it and I admit it is cheap, but there is quite an art to getting the best out of it.

Not like old Blakes Woodseal (RIP), which was such a wonder-primer. Maybe we will learn to use G4 instead, but maybe the next ‘best-practice’ is yet to be truly established.

J9 decks with G4

April 27, 2011   No Comments

Rules & Measurement Form – Now online

We now have three sets of Jollyboat Rules and a Measurement Form on this site.

Of course, as the Owners Association is not currently established, there is nothing or nobody to say that you have to stick within these rules! In reality few of us have stayed exactly within the last known ratified set of rules from 1967, although most have tried to stay within their spirit.

There is some confusion due to the fact that we know that there was a set of amendments to the rules prepared for the 1971 AGM, which included a wide set of changes that reflected a wish by the class membership for a much looser set of rules allowing for some development by the owners. This included an extension to mast height and freeing of the rudder shape.

There was also a set of proposed rule amendments made in 1993, which we have, but as the class association was never re-formed, we can only presume that they were never ratified and we can only guess as to the support they had then or now from Jollyboat owners.

Anyway, they are now available from this website here.

April 2, 2011   No Comments

Bosham – 25/26th June – Be there!

A call to all Fairey Jollyboats in the UK.

Let’s try and get as many Jollyboats together as we can for the Bosham ‘Classic Boat Revival’.  You can see their poster on our site or watch their site at: http://boshamsailingclub.com/ and I am sure that something will go up there soon (if it hasn’t already).  This isn’t a CVRDA event, but there is bound to be a good turn of both local and CVRDA boats.  I think we have at least 5 Jollyboats who have shown an interest in being there…..so lets get more!

Our last nationals was in 1971 and since then we have had very few get-togethers.  The last of any real size was the Fairey Marine 50th anniversary regatta held at Hamble by MDL in the mid 90s.

Jollyboats line up at Hamble

Jollyboats line up at Hamble

We had 14 or 15 Jollyboats turn up for that with 8 or 9 racing in a range of trims from original with wooden mast and early Ratseys, to twin wire and fully battened main.

It was some of the best fun sailing I have ever had and I think it is well past time that we did the same thing again.

If you know any other Jollyboats, do give their owners a nudge and certainly put the date in your own diaries.

If you know you can make it, do drop a comment under this post.

Happy sailing!


March 31, 2011   3 Comments

Jolly Fox J83 still looking good at Bosham

Photos of Jolly Fox at Bosham:

https://picasaweb.google.com/boshamsail … /JollyFox#

Looking forwards to seeing her in the flesh in June!

Jolly Fox - J83

J83 is still looking for a decent trailer of combi, so if anyone has got one, do get in touch.

March 29, 2011   1 Comment

Jollyboat J94 for sale – lying Looe, Cornwall

J-94 for sale - Looe, Cornwall

J-94 for sale - Looe, Cornwall


Item No: 200591428175

Part restored – needs finishing – attention to hull & aft deck area required.

No Mast, Cotton Main, 3 Cotton Jibs and Spinnaker.

Wooden Board, rudder and 3 tillers

Currently very low price….

Could really do with a good owner!

March 28, 2011   1 Comment

Jollyboat for Sale – J71 Lying Linlithgow – West Lothian

Details from Apollo Duck:


This 18 foot racing dinghy has been in the family since new. Designed by Uffa Fox and built by Fairey Marine. It has been garaged for the last 30 years, except for 2 years use on fresh water. It is ready to sail / race and comes with all necessary equipment, inclubing refurbished road trailer, Dacron sails, spinnaker, sheets, trapeze, fitted PVC cover, lifejackets. It has built in bouyancy to the sides/ rear and bow, Elfstrom self bailers and 2 transom flaps. Alloy Proctor gold mast and boom,on centre horse. Stainless steel rigging and trapeze wires. Timber lifting rudder and timber encased swing centreboard. Woodwork is in excellent condition and sound. Cosmetically could do with decks stripped and revarnished as has been sanded and patched in places. Photo taken in 1966 on loch Lomond, but 20 or more 2010 photos available upon providing me with an e-mail address. Will be moving home shortly and unlikely to be using the boat again, so looking for “a good home”. Rare opportunity for an enthusiast. Available for this years sailing but can store it for a while, if required. Ready to tow away. Viewings welcomed.

Price:  £13,999.00

March 14, 2011   6 Comments

J133 – Going free to good home

Sounds like J133 is in need of quite a bit of work, but if you are looking for a cheap shell for a complete rebuild then this might be worth following up on:


If you want to chat the idea over…..leave a message here.


February 24, 2011   3 Comments

How much is your Jollyboat worth?

The whole question of value is very hard to ascertain with any classic wooden dinghy, but it seems especially so for Jollyboats.  I think we would all agree that the Fairey Jollyboat is one of the most beautiful racing dinghies of the 50s-60s and yet with no functioning class association and no racing, the demand for these wonderful boats can be intermittent at best.

For quite a few years, none came on the market and there was certainly a few people who had money in their pockets who were prepared to pay a reasonable amount to get a boat.  This lead to some owners spending quite a lot of money on re-builds and in one case down here in Cornwall, of even starting afresh on a new-build.  But then a few came on the market and suddenly there was a very real absence of people wanting to take a Jollyboat on.  This has lead to a very abrupt fall in the expected price for a Jollyboat on the open market.

The crux is that most owners, when they want to sell a Jollyboat are far more interested in making sure their old friend goes to a good home, rather than in necessarily getting the best price.  This has meant that boats have sometimes been given away (to a good home) rather than being put on on ebay, where they may be sold for such a low price that they run the risk of being bought to be used as a garden ornament.

On the other hand, no-one would deny that the  Jollyboat is thoroughbred and a truly great boat, for fun, for racing, for the family.  Surely, therefore one would expect to have to pay a half-reasonable amount to buy one that is ready to go on the water?

But for sure, the marketplace is very confused on what is the going price for a Jollyboat:

For example, there was one on ebay recently for over £1500, whereas at the same time there was one on the CVRDA forum for £150.  I would like to believe that a good Jollyboat was worth £1500, but horrified that one could go for £150, but still the one for £150 sold (and is coming to Roadford Lake – which is great news!) and the other most probably didn’t.

So who’s to know?

Jollyboat for sale on Ebay

Jollyboat for sale on Ebay

and on the CVRDA Forum:

Jollyboat for sale on CVRDA Forum

Jollyboat for sale on CVRDA Forum

February 22, 2011   1 Comment

Sails and spars

I own J US 191 since 1967.It came with sails that dated back to 1958. I have restored this boat several times over the past 40 years, but never got “on board” with the upgrades in spars and sails that I saw in the 1970’s- Bendy booms and masts for instance> I would like to get some suggestions as to current spar types/sources and related sail makers> Judging by the action pictures on this site there have been some huge rigging changes.
I also came across a reference to production of foam cored glass boats( as opposed to the solid glass boats that apparently lacked the stiffness to weight ratio of the wooden boats)I f anyone can put me on to a foam cored jolly source, I’d be grateful.

September 29, 2010   1 Comment

Rigging a Spinnaker

I have an 18ft Jolly Boat that I have just fitted with a spinnaker though I have yet to finish rigging it.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to the simplest and cleanest way ro rig the sail?


Justin Cetas

Portland, OR USA

April 15, 2009   2 Comments