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Class Rules

Does anybody have any thoughts on the class rules? I ask from the perspective of considering a new rudder for JB9 and would consider a more modern profile than suggested in my copy of the rules. I aim to keep mine within the spirit of the class but wondered what other considerations people had?

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1 admin { 04.15.09 at 10:56 pm }

I think that we can now consider the rudder shape to be free as far as the rules are concerned.

That is of course if we still had any rules anyway.

We have an interesting position really…..unless Andrew can throw any more light on this, my understanding is that the Jollyboat Association Committee (in 1971 I think) had agreed on a new set of extensive changes to the class rules to really try and rescue the class by quite a few radical modifications. Although the committee had agreed these changes, they had to be ratified by the membership at the AGM. Unfortunately we have no record of this next or as it happened ‘last ‘ AGM, in fact we have no record that it happened at all and therfore don’t know whether these changes were ever accepted by the membership.

Anyway, the point is, we don’t have a constituted class any more and no agreed set of rules.

But I believe that if we did…..we would vote in to free the rudder shape. Every jollyboat owner I have ever spoken to has agreed that the two shapes agreed in the original rules do not work as well as a simple dagger, like a large Firefly rudder.

So, I would say go for it. Something vertical will work well.
Tell us what you decide.



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