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mast steping on a fiberglass jollyboat

I am looking for information on how to step the mast on a fiberglass boat that I was told is a Jollyboat.  The mast is aluminum and has a UK manufacturer.  Both hull and upper decks are molded fiberglass.  The foredeck has a “cutout” slot for the mast.  The sole of the boat has a small “slot” for the base of the mast which has a “screw with a phenolic disk”, I presume for tensioning the mast & stays.  Any advice is welcome; what should the mast base look like and the reciever?

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1 admin { 04.15.09 at 10:48 pm }

I will have to see if I can find a photo. but basically this sounds like you have a jack-mast-foot.

With this, you put the plug of the foot into the hole in the hog and then turns the jack which lifts the whole mast and rig up to tension the rig.

It is a very easy way of adjusting the rig-tension although of course terribly hard to adjust.

If it is all working, then I would stick with it, but if there are problems, I would pull the jack off and replace with a normal mast foot and use adjusters on the stays as normal and provide rig-tension with the jib halyard in a more normal way.



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