the cvrda works to

1) get classic and vintage racing dinghies racing together as often as possible
· In their own meetings (as the 12’s and 14’s already do)
· In their own starts/wings (classic wings at modern boat events)
· As a classic handicap within larger fleets.
· In mixed fleets under age-related handicaps.

2) share and disseminate information about classic and vintage dinghies.
· To keep an ownership database – Who has what and where.
· To keep and build a record of the histories of these boats.
· To encourage and preserve the skills and info needed to build, repair, restore and sail these boats.

3) get classic and vintage dinghies on the water for people to use, see and appreciate.

4) to keep all these boats sailing and in good condition and viewed by as large an audience as possible and to raise the public awareness of these boats and the nautical heritage they represent.

5) to help and support classic class associations finding it hard to compete in the modern sailing scene and help them find hosts for their nationals.