Classics and Lost Classes at Whitefriars S.C.

A fascinating assortment of boats gathered at Whitefriars Sailing Club on Sunday 29th March for the first CVRDA meeting of the year, delayed from a snow bound February. There were boats with beautiful varnish work, with Merlin 6 sporting a new wooden mast and 60 year old cotton sails, a beautifully turned out Firefly hitting the water for the 1st time after her restoration and an all varnished International Canoe on her 1st outing with Bert, her new owner. Others lacked the beauty but made up for it in rarity. Nigel’s Pisces and Beachcomber (sailed by Tom) came for a visit, and local boats the Skol Moth and Tonic played too.

The frosty night made for a chilly start to the day, but the sun soon warmed things up. The wind was fitful, and it took great concentration and a large slice of luck to stay out of the holes.

In the 2 handicap races, there was a 3 way battle for top spot, with Rupert Whelan in his Tonic narrowly winning out from Michael Brigg in his shining Firefly and Chris and Lois Barlow in Iska, Merlin 6. The battle for the next 3 places was even closer, with Matt Andrews in his 1971 Skol International Moth, David Henshall and Roger Devereux in a Smokers Satisfaction Merlin Rocket and Matt’s dad John in a GRP Finn all finishing with 10 points.

The Pursuit race saw the Tonic using local knowledge and luck to stay in front.

Many thanks to Dave Whittle and his race and tea bar team, who did a great job.


Main event

1st Rupert Whelan                   Tonic

2nd Michael Brigg                    Firefly 3184

3rd Chris and Lois Barlow       Merlin 6

4th Matt Andrews                    International Moth

5th Dougal and Roger              Merlin Rocket 3025

6th John Andrews                    Finn 468

7th Bert                                       International Canoe 135

8th Nigel                                  Pisces 203

9th Tom Andrews                    Beachcomber


Pursuit Race

1st Rupert Whelan                   Tonic

2nd Chris and Lois Barlow      Merlin 6

3rd Michael Brigg                    Firefly 3184