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How much is your Jollyboat worth?

The whole question of value is very hard to ascertain with any classic wooden dinghy, but it seems especially so for Jollyboats.  I think we would all agree that the Fairey Jollyboat is one of the most beautiful racing dinghies of the 50s-60s and yet with no functioning class association and no racing, the demand for these wonderful boats can be intermittent at best.

For quite a few years, none came on the market and there was certainly a few people who had money in their pockets who were prepared to pay a reasonable amount to get a boat.  This lead to some owners spending quite a lot of money on re-builds and in one case down here in Cornwall, of even starting afresh on a new-build.  But then a few came on the market and suddenly there was a very real absence of people wanting to take a Jollyboat on.  This has lead to a very abrupt fall in the expected price for a Jollyboat on the open market.

The crux is that most owners, when they want to sell a Jollyboat are far more interested in making sure their old friend goes to a good home, rather than in necessarily getting the best price.  This has meant that boats have sometimes been given away (to a good home) rather than being put on on ebay, where they may be sold for such a low price that they run the risk of being bought to be used as a garden ornament.

On the other hand, no-one would deny that the  Jollyboat is thoroughbred and a truly great boat, for fun, for racing, for the family.  Surely, therefore one would expect to have to pay a half-reasonable amount to buy one that is ready to go on the water?

But for sure, the marketplace is very confused on what is the going price for a Jollyboat:

For example, there was one on ebay recently for over £1500, whereas at the same time there was one on the CVRDA forum for £150.  I would like to believe that a good Jollyboat was worth £1500, but horrified that one could go for £150, but still the one for £150 sold (and is coming to Roadford Lake – which is great news!) and the other most probably didn’t.

So who’s to know?

Jollyboat for sale on Ebay

Jollyboat for sale on Ebay

and on the CVRDA Forum:

Jollyboat for sale on CVRDA Forum

Jollyboat for sale on CVRDA Forum